Leguminosae or Fabaceae is the third-largest family of flowering plants, containing up to 650 genera and 18 000 species. Over 4000 species are native to North America, most being members of the bean subfamily, occurring as scattered, secondary components of native vegetation.

Samples of Canadian Legumes

The PULSE CROPS comprise a second very important group of large-seeded, introduced legumes. Most pulses grown in Canada are cleaned and exported for human consumption. The dry bean is the most important Canadian pulse crop. The dry pea or field pea is the second most important crop, followed by LENTILS and FABA BEANS and SOYBEAN.


The main bulk products we handle are:

Lentil (Lens culinaris)

 Laird Class LentilEston Class LentilFrench Green Lentil  

       Laird Class Lentil                                  Eston Class Lentil                               French Green Lentil




Red LentilRichlea Class LentilSpanish Brown Lentil

            Red Lentil                                   Richlea Class Lentil                             Spanish Brown Lentil





Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

     Cranberry BeanDark Red Kidney BeanBlack Turtle Bean    

                           Cranberry Bean                              Dark Red Kidney Bean                                 Black Turtle Bean



     Great Northern Bean  Light Red Kidney BeanPink Bean     

                        Great Northern                                     Bean Light Red Kidney                                Bean Pink Bean



    Pinto BeanSmall Red Bean  White Kidney Bean


                                Pinto Bean                                         Small Red Bean                                    White Kidney Bean



Pea (Pisum Sativum)



   Austrian Winter Peas                                                                     Maple Peas

                                     Maple Peas                                                                                 Austrian Winter Peas



        Yellow Peas                                                                           Green Peas      

                                          Green Peas                                                                                        Yellow Peas


Chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Kabuli Chickpea                                                                                 Desiray Chickpea



                                Desiray Chickpea                                                                                      Kabuli Chickpea